Temporary shop bringing a selection of contemporary brands.


We invite you to the opening of our 3th edition in the coolest neighbourhood of GHENT! We're teaming up with a bunch of fashion, design and lifestyle brands.



THU 05.10.2017

17 - 21 h

You are welcome for some delish drinks by Miraeus and a lot of shopping!


>>> RSVP before 02/10 to hello@flashshop.be or ruth@burococo.be




Sea Me Happy | Mieke Dierckx | Love sundaily | Johny be good | Byjillshaw | DOYOU studio | Catalina J | CÎME | FLOOM | Sment | Sigrid Collectables | Knush | Quubo | House Raccoon | STRAFF Design | mo man tai Design | Golden Noodle | Touch of Silver | Earcraft |  Setareh Jewellery | Lien Hereijgers | Atelier Clash

Hope to see you!!



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Download PDF
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Welcome to the buro boco pressroom.
We're a crispy PR-agency with a special love for cool lifestylebrands and a nose for the extraordinary. Our restless minds are always in the search of novelties, needles in haystacks and funny features. What else? We like to see ourselves as superninja's in an ever- and fastchanging landscape.

PS. A little glitter never killed anyone, right?